Tailor Roberts

TailorRobertsUK Model Amii Grove contacted Life For A Kid in summer 2011 regarding her young relation Tailor Roberts.

Tailor had fallen ill and funds were required to help Tailor Roberts recover and lead a better life.

Life For A Kid come up with the Idea offering fan’s and supporters the chance to win a dinner date with Amii Grove.

The idea was a massive success and resulted in £3,800 been raised for Tailor’s Fund which will buy equipment to allow Tailor to live a better life.

A Fundraising Ball was also held in Birmingham in December 2011 which was attended by Amii and several other patrons’ from the charity. The Fundraising Ball raised a further £4,000 for Tailor.

Words form Tailor Roberts Mum Nicola (July 2011)

“Tailor from about a year ago had been suffering with headaches and sickness every day. He was taken to the doctors several times but was sent away by doctors who said he has a bug. After several months I took him back and refused to leave until we were referred to somebody as by this point the effects had got much worse. Tailor had lost his balance; he couldn’t walk properly, nursery teachers and family relatives had also noticed.

“We then received a letter 2 weeks later with a appointment on the 14th June at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital. Up until then my son had lived a normal life as any child of the age of 4 would……walking, talking, potty trained and very clever at nursery.

“We arrived at Heartland Hospital on the 14th June 2011, Myself, Tailor and Nan and Granddad.

“I explained Tailor’s symptoms to the doctor..From the expression on her face I knew something wasn’t right. She asked Tailor to walk across the room which he attempted before falling over.

“She called the appropriate person to book a MRI scan on the 15th June 2011.

“Myself, Tailor, Nana and Grandad went along next morning. Tailor had been told that the big machine was a camera and it was going to take pictures of him and Grandad. He lay they for 45 minutes and fell asleep.

“Myself and my Mum were waiting outside as three more doctors went into the room. Before the MRI we were told we would have results in a few days but they asked us to make our way into ward 15 where a doctor would be waiting to talk to us and tell us tai’s results.

“I think we all panicked, we waited for about an hour which seemed forever. The doctor then came in and explained the bad news, Tai had a large tumour on his brain. My whole world fell apart at that moment and I collapsed in tears.

“They then went on to tell us we were being referred to children’s hospital. Within 2 hours we were at the children’s hospital and were made welcome. Several doctors came to see us. Denial was my best bet as it was the only way I could deal with it.

“Tailor was then given steroids to shrink the tumour before they could operate a week later. The operation lasted for 10 hours.

“They managed to remove most of the tumour, and found a lot of Hydrocephalus fluid on the brain that had built up in ventricles which sit in front of the eyes.

“The pressure on his brain from both the tumour and the fluid would have been horrendous.

“He had a drain coming from his head into a bag in which the fluid was measured. After 2 weeks Tai still hadn’t come around from the operation. The whole family was devastated; especially Tai’s sister Charday aged 6, who had no understanding of what was happening to her brother.

“Days on from this he started to open his eyes and cry out in pain but not much more.

“Tai then developed an infection and then had another operation to remove the drain. One week later Mr Kay, Tai’s Neurological Surgeon came to review everything and explained that the fluid hadn’t got any better and that Tai would need alternative help to relieve the pressure in his brain.

“The next operation then was to make a hole through the third ventricle to try and encourage the fluid to make its own way down. This did not work and they had to leave the drain in his head. Also the fluid was taking easier options and using the drain.

“So they decided to then operate again and do a lumber drain to encourage the fluid to use the hole they had made previously. By this time Tai was a little more aware of what was happening, and it was clear he couldn’t talk, walk or communicate at all. I was traumatised and devastated. Where had my bubbly normal 4 year old adorable son gone? After 2 weeks of antibiotics, Tai’s infection was cleared and it was made clear he was going to have to have a shunt. We went ahead and he had the op. He now has the shunt for life. Tai has gone from a normal 4 year old to a disabled little boy, who can’t walk, talk or respond in any way at all.

“I have had to learn to use all the feeding equipment as he can’t eat or drink. We are waiting to move house so that when he has completed his radiotherapy and chemo in 2 years we can eventually try and get Tai on the road with physio to be able to learn to do normal things again.

“Tai cannot have children when he is an adult and will always need care.”

If you would like to make a donation to Tailor Roberts please contact Dean@Lifeforakid.com