Shannon Boam

Shannon BoamShannon Boam was 2 years old in 2010 when she was diagnosed with a rare condition called Peters plus Syndrome.

Shannon had operations on her eyes, which involved putting grafts on her corneas to try to save her sight. Unfortunately Shannon lost her right eye after it became infected following the surgery. Her right eye has now been replaced with a false eye.

The vision in Shannon’s left eye was failing and the retina in it had to be kept active if Shannon was able to retain the partial vision she has.

Shannon’s only hope of being able to read and write one day and do some of the things the rest of us take for granted was surgery.

This surgery was available in America and is artificial cornea replacement, known as Keratoprothesis. The cost of this was £24,000. A number of fundraising events took place

Life for a Kid Foundation donated Funds and also publicised the appeal and Shannon had enough funds to have the operation before Christmas 2010.