Savannah West

Savannah WestSavannah west is still undiagnosed but she does have global development delay visual and motor delays, hypotonia, epilepsy.

Savannah needs help in every part of her life from feeding changing getting about she is unable to weight bear, she doesn’t talk and is only just starting to pull herself about on the floor.

Savannah fits every night in sleep and is now fitting during the day .

Savannah’s Mum Kelly and Friends took part in the Yorkshire 3 Peaks challenge in 2014 and Glenn Noble has took part in a number of running events to help raise money for Life For A Kid and A new Trike for Savannah.

“Took Savannah on her bike today for the first time, first time she hasn’t been stuck in a pram or wheelchair! Thanks for everything you’ve done for us we really appreciate it”  it’s basically given her an option she didn’t have and she’ll have it for many years to come thanks to you. Thank you

Rich West Savannah’s dad 02/11/2014