Ryan Towle

Ryan TowleIn 2010 Ryan Towle was 13 years Old. Ryan was born with right erbs palsy, (paralysis to the right arm) due to medical negligence at birth.

Ryan had 4 operations to try to recover use and now has about 30% use of the arm. At 18 months Ryan was diagnosed with autism and learning difficulties. He went to mainstream primary school.

Ryan was constantly asking is Mum Shellie for a Bike so he could go for rides in the summer, so the Life For a Kid Foundation stepped in and purchased a BMX Style Trike for Ryan and The GB All Stars team presented Ryan with the bike before one of their games

Shellie Towle’s said:

“Too excited to keep it a secret, so I just told Ryan about his new Special Needs Bike he is receiving from the Life for a Kid Foundation on the 18th July. He fell to the floor bless him, saying “I don’t believe it!” “Do I get to keep it?” Then started crying when I said “Yes its yours forever, they are giving it to you

“Thanks again Dean. Ryan had a lovely time yesterday. It was a bit overwhelming for him but once home he couldn’t stop raving about it. I had to drag him off his bike at 8pm last night. It now lives in the lounge as it’s too big to fit in the shed LOL. You and everyone involved have made us both so happy. Lots of love Shellie and Ryan xxx”