Rhys Christopher Mallinson

rhysscarbScarborough boy Rhys Christopher Mallinson s is 7 years old (born 01.02.07) and has a condition called tuberous sclerosis complex which has left him with development delay, intractable epilepsy, autism and behaviour problems.

Rhys has daily seizures and has tried many anti-epileptic drugs with no success and had a vagal nerve stimulator fitted 3 years ago to also try and reduce his seizures. Unfortunately this was unsuccessful and Rhys continues to have daily seizures and frequent hospital admissions.

He has been assessed twice for brain surgery but is not a candidate as his seizures originate from the whole brain rather than part of it. Rhys also attends a special needs school and has a constant one to one throughout his day. He is currently receiving care from alder hey hospital and has just been placed on a clinical trial in an attempt to combat his problematic seizures.

Rhys has just had disabled facilities grant awarded which has turned his bedroom into a safe room with padding and is fitted with CCTV cameras as he can’t be left alone due to his severe seizures. This enables him to be watched whilst safely in the room and sleep in there on a night (he also has a sats machine whilst he asleep to detect seizures.)  He has slept his mum’s room for the past seven years so this is a huge step!

Despite all Rhys has been through and continues to endure he truly is an amazing little boy with a fantastic smile! He loves people and can wrap you around his little finger very easily! He is a charmer! As he can’t communicate the world can become a very frustrating place for him and this new sensory room has been fantastic for times when he just needs to calm down. with the addition of the remaining equipment this would make the room even more of a safe haven for him also with having the knowledge he is safe and being able to watch him on his camera!

Life For A Kid have funded 3 sensory items for Rhys, Soft Frame Bubble Mirror, Laser Sky Projector and a Deluxe wirefree controller.

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