Poppy Rose Maclaren

Poppys PathPoppy rose Maclaren was born at 2.59am on 23/9/2011 due to a prolonged labour she contracted pneumonia while still in the womb, this was not picked up and 20 minutes after her birth Poppy Collapsed.

She was resuscitated for approximately 45minutes and then incubated. She was placed in a cooling system for 3 days and spent the first month of her life in a neonatal ward.

Due to Poppy’s collapse she suffered a lack of oxygen to the brain and her MRI scan confirmed sufficient damage to the grey matter and basal ganglia which are the parts that control and coordinate movement.

We were told she may never walk, talk or feed orally.

Poppy was tube fed for 4 months but after raising funds for private treatment and a lot of hard work we managed to remove her tube finally in January.

This was a major breakthrough for Poppy and she has gone on to eat solid food like any other baby. Poppy has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, she has physio every 2 weeks from the NHS but this is not enough so we pay for Poppy to have private physio when we can.

Poppy also has speech and language therapy NHS and privately covered as encouraging her speech at such a young age is vital for the future.

Poppy is doing better than we ever expected due to the extra work and treatment she receives, she is a joy to all of us and we wouldn’t change her for the world. We do not know what the future holds but what we can do is give Poppy every treatment possible and chance for her to excel to her full potential in

Poppy will attends a health in motion clinic in Canada  a couple of times a year for a month to undergo intensive physiotherapy and speech and language in order to aid her being able to sit up, crawl or even walk.

Poppy is making great progress and can now sit up and stand and makes more progress every time she returns from Canada.

Life For A Kid Foundation have helped raise over £16,000 to help with the treatment and continue to support the Poppy’s Path Appeal