Phoebe Shakesby

PhoebeShakesbyPhoebe was the second born baby of triplets; with Olivia who is her identical twin sister born first 2 minutes before and Oscar her younger brother born 2 minutes later on 16th December 2011.

She was born weighing just 2.10lb being the smallest of the three. Phoebe has remained the smallest of the three but certainly makes up for this being such a fighter and very strong minded.

The babies were born premature at 30 weeks and spent their first five weeks in hospital. The day Kerry and Mark were able to bring them home was one of the happiest, most special days of their lives.phoebe

These precious little miracles had been so long awaited by Kerry and Mark who had been trying for ten years and had all their dreams and wishes come true when they were finally blessed with them.

On 01 November 2013 following a high temperature and a visit to the health Centre Phoebe was taken into hospital with suspected meningitis to be told a few hours later following blood tests etc that she had Leukemia. The following day they were rushed to Leeds General Hospital to undergo further tests and treatment for the virus she had on top of the leukemia.

A few days later Leeds General Hospital diagnosed Phoebe with having Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).

Life For A Kid Supported the Phoebe Shakesby appeal with full charitable support and also organized a charity boxing match between Former World Boxing champion Steve Collins and Sonny Pollard