Paul’s story

Paul was born 23rd December 2009 in Hull. He was soon diagnosed with dual Autism and Downs Syndrome.

Paul’s Mum Marina Rapcea. is a single mother from Moldova. She works hard as an interpreter for the Police and the Health Service.

Darren Palmer, Life For A kid Charity chairman visited Marina and Paul

Paul loved to be outside but the garden was a bit of a mess and far too much to handle on her own and she told Darren how much Paul need a play area.

As it was, the garden was too dangerous for Paul to play in.

Life For A Kid decided that we could help by building a ‘playhouse/ summer house’ after some landscaping by Marina’s dad.

The Playhouse serves a dual purpose as a ‘base’ in the garden for Paul and a bit of respite for his mum.

The Playhouse It is fitted with colour changing LED lights as well as moving Laser lights.

Marina has a few sensory toys for Paul and we have added a guttering drain chute to one side.

The positioning of the playhouse is roughly halfway down the garden and this also helps Paul to find his way back to the house.

The nice weather this summer has been a massive added bonus to help Paul get used to his garden, and has helped Marina keep an eye on him.

Life For a Kid funded all the materials and Chairman Darren Palmer give up is own spare time to build the playhouse

Darren Palmer seen personally that Paul loves his ‘den’ !

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