Nathan Appeal

nathanLife For A Kid Foundation jumped on board to help with the Nathan Appeal.

The charity started with a £500 donation and organised an Oasis Tribute night which raised £850.

Nathan’s Story

11 year old Nathan has always been a fit and healthy boy who loves his football and is a big Manchester United fan, van Persie been his favourite.

Nathan started to suffer with headaches and the doctor subscribed him with Migraleve. When he got the headaches he often vomited. After a few weeks there was still no improvement so Nathan went back to the doctors again he was told it was migranes or even hayfever

Nathan broke off from school on Friday 22nd may 2014  really happy that he had been chosen to be house captain by his teacher, he went to bed that night and he was getting up and down out of his bed every 5 minutes going to the toilet and seeming slightly confused, he was also constantly crying with leg cramps through the night.

After various visits to GP’s and Hospital it was confirmed Nathan had Kidney Failure.

Nathan has regular dialysis in Leeds General, his blood pressure is been controlled by several different medications, we have been made aware that they don’t think his kidneys will recover so he is going to need a transplant,

The Family are having to travel back and forth from hull to Leeds to be with Nathan and the  2 younger children in the family are currently been looked after by their grandparents.

Nathan is going to need dialysis as it takes 6 months for tests to be done on Mum and Dad to see if there eligible to give Nathan a transplant.

This has all come as such a shock to all the family , but all the symptoms Nathan had been getting we’re all due to the kidney failure so he didn’t need migraleve as it wasn’t migraines and he didn’t need piriton as he doesn’t have hayfever.

This is also having a big effect on Nathans 7 year old sister and my 5 year old Brother who spend most nights crying as they are missing us and worried about their brother.