Naseem John William Stowell

Naseem John William StowellNaseem is my greatest inspiration in Life. He’s been through so much; he is a true fighter in more ways than one.

I always knew Nas was different but no one would listen to me. When he started school age 4 he could hardly speak and cried constantly as he rocked back and forth.

By the age of 7 he had been labelled the naughty child in school, had no friends and was struggling to survive at school. His naughty label followed him through school, where he was falling further behind and spending hours in isolation.

I was called into school every day and told he was disrupting the class with his strange noises and periods of zoning out. I told him he wasn’t naughty and begged for help.

Nas started play therapy two afternoons a week as well as school and home observations with a psychologists followed by months of testing at the children’s centre. All through this the school told me I would never get a diagnosis for Nas and that he would never achieve anything as he was simply just naughty.

Eventually when Nas was 10 the results come in, Nas was diagnosed with ADHD, Tic’s and falls into the spectrum for Autism as he has many autistic traits.

Naseem Started on medication twice a day and the change was amazing, he could suddenly focus and began to catch up.

Nas went from 60/70% attendance at school to 100% also making a couple of friends and was happy.

The School began to say he was a star pupil and for once I looked forward to Parent evenings.

Naseem joined Kingston ABC in April 2012 and took to Boxing Instantly, boxing has now become his passion and he trains every day.

Naseem has had 6 fights, won 3 and lost 3 and won best boxer of the night 3 times and has also won the most dedicated boxer award at the club.

Life For A Kid arranged for Nas to meet World Boxing champion David Haye at the KC Stadium on 26/11/2013.

With thanks to MDG Events, Nas was invited to the Top Table to sit alongside David Haye and Sky TV presenter Johnny Nelson.

It was a special night for the two young up and coming boxers, a night they will never forget and hopefully it will continue to inspire them to remain dedicated to the sport and achieve big thinks in boxing in future years.

Life For A Kid Foundation are now supporting Naseem by funding boxing equipment