Michael Poole

MichaelPooleMichael Poole was just 12 months old when he was caught in a house fire, Michael was found barely conscious on the bedroom floor by Fireman Rob Vaux and Michael’s cot had been burned to ash.

Lucky to be alive brave Michael was left with only 5% brain capacity and could not move or speak and needed 24 hour care.

Life For a Kid stepped in to try making Michael and his parents have an easier life as possible.

Life For a Kid purchased a Specialised Car Seat so Michael can go on day trips with his parents and be safe and comfortable.

Life For a Kid also raised money for a special Bean Bag where Michael could chill out and relax.

Life For a Kid and The Great Britain All Stars also held a special rugby match titled the “Michael Poole Trophy” where we reunited Fireman Rob Vaux with Michael and Michael’s Mum Amy.

Michael Unfortunately passed away in September 2010, Life for a Kid foundation helped with funds towards the Funeral.

The Foundation also purchased a Special Plaque in memory of Michael placed at The KC Stadium