michelleskinnerjuliannaJulianna is 7 years old. She was born with Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy. This condition affect both of her legs and slightly affects her arms too. It also affects her tongue and eyes.

Due to the nature of her condition her balance is greatly affected and she finds it difficult to do the day to day things we take for granted. She cannot walk more than a few steps and this is just between furniture and is extremely high up on tiptoes meaning she is constantly at risk of falling over.

She has a wheelchair and a walking frame. She has AFO’s and Gaitors and regular botox injections.

She sometimes requires both her legs to be potted to help her muscles. She has lots of other aids around the home. These aids are extremely useful and help life to be more accessible.

Unfortunately, when it comes to having fun, things are more difficult. She can’t simply go out and run around the garden with her friends and childhood activities such as riding a bike are out of the question.

However, with the use of a Tricycle adapted to her needs Julianna could get the chance to experience riding a bike and joining in with her friends. This would help not only her physical health but also allow her to socialise in a way she never has before and enjoy the freedom of playing without the constant help of an adult.

Julianna greatly desires independence and a Tricycle would offer her this. She is such a happy and friendly little girl and to see her enjoying time with her friends would be fantastic as she gets extremely frustrated and upset that she cannot do things that her friends can.

Life For A Kid made Julianna’s wish come true. On 22/04/2014 Life For A Kid funded the Trike