Jack Cooke

Jack Cooke is 13 years old and after many years of fighting the system he was finally diagnosed with ADHD, multi neurological problems and hypermobility syndrome aged 10.

Although we knew at the time this wasn’t his full diagnosis.

Jack has been medicated since diagnosis although due to side effects etc, he still hasn’t got the correct balanced dosage.

Jack was assessed 2-3 years ago and has been having physio sessions and has insoles due to flat feet linked to the hypermobility syndrome although this has only made a slight change.

After many years of him complaining of constant discomfort and pain and numerous hospital visits we decided to see a private sports therapist who has been a great help. She has identified Jack has extremely tight muscles in his lower body especially his hamstrings and iliotibial band which she thinks is linked to dyspraxia so the wheels have now been put in motion to assess for a diagnosis of that too.

Jack is unable to play out alone or be like his friends due to the muscle weakness and hypermobility syndrome so most of the time is stuck home alone.

Jack has always struggled with emotions and has no self-control which leads to major meltdowns over the smallest thing and ends up Jack being a sobbing mess because it’s so out of control, Jacks behaviour and emotions have got progressively worse since puberty hit and his baby brother was also diagnosed 18 months or so ago with biliary atresia a rare life threatening liver disease which means lots of hospital trips/admissions etc which means change for Jack which then contributes to his issues getting worse.

Life For A Kid have funded an Outdoor sensory Room for Jack so he can have is own space and Play area.

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