George Stone

George StoneThe First child Life For A Kid ever Helped was George back in 2009 when the charity was formed.

George was diagnosed with severe left Plagiocephaly (Flat head Syndrome) at The Ossur Technology in Motion clinic in Leeds at just 13 weeks old in October 2008.

George’s head was 23mm Asymmetrical at the back left hand side. This was causing his head to bulge out at the front left hand side called bossing and his ears where severely misaligned by almost an inch.

His right eye was lazy due to the incorrect shape of his skull.

The NHS does not fund treatment for this condition as they deem treatment as cosmetic! Although again!! In certain parts of the country you can receive funding-for instance in Manchester you could receive the treatment for free. It seems to be that the postcode lottery rules

The solution for baby George was to get a Star band fitted at the price of £1950.

Baby George’s mummy Laura appealed for help with fundraising idea’s via the Facebook website.

Life for a Kid Foundation jumped on board and LFK’s Dean Hoggard got to work and helped raise £1000 towards the treatment.

The star band is a helmet, which was specially made for George, as every case of plagiocephaly is different; no two helmets will ever be the same.

Once George had the helmet fitted he had to wear it between 22 and 23 hours a day for it to take effect.

The helmet was designed to remould George skull this is called Cranial Remoulding (sounds painful but truly isn’t!!!).

Treatment can only start from around the age of 5months, and usually they won’t treat any child over the age of 18months, as by that time the skull is not as soft and often the Star band helmets do not take much effect.

George attended the clinic every month and had adjustments made to the helmet, which is how the remoulding takes place.

Baby George and his parents attended a GB All Stars and Life for a Kid Foundation LTD kit launch in February 2009 at Odsal Stadium, Bradford

Words from baby George’s Mummy!

We all attended the Life for a Kid charity launch on Feb 15th 2009; they are the charity who donated £1000 towards the cost of George’s treatment. It was a wonderful day, we met lots of lovely people including some of GB Allstars who are top rugby players from days gone by.

We also rather randomly met John Prescott who was disgusted that the treatment for this condition is not available on the NHS. John took my number and address and vowed to be in touch so fingers crossed he could help us.

John Prescott has been in touch!! Via his secretary he is writing to the Health Minister and also my local PCT requesting some information regarding funding (or lack of) for this condition. Look forward to hearing in due course.

With The help of the £1000 funding George has completed his treatment with a star band and his head is now down to just 7mm.