There are over 300,000 children in the UK that will wear external Colostomy bags, Use Catheters or have feeding tubes for the rest of their lives.

The Gastronaut personalised Puppets have been created and individually designed with its own bag, Catheter, Gastrostomy Tubes to match the Small patients. The Patients talk to their puppet and see them as a friend to share their issues and insecurities.

Life For A Kid have thrown our support behind this fantastic idea and started off by initially funding 10 puppets for UK Children.

Below are some of the Children who have benefited from the Puppets.

Due to the children’s condition we can’t share pictures of the children with the puppets

To help fund a Puppet for one of these children can do so by contacting .

Sponsoring 1 Gastronaut Puppet cost just £20.


Name Of Child                      Home Town                                          Ostomy

  • Logan                             Whitburn                                               Colostomy
  • Daisy-May                     South Ockendon                                   A Minnie Button
  • Kesiah                           Bristol                                                     2 Buttons
  • James                             East Yorkshire                                       Intermittent Catheter and MIT
  • Ava                                 Old Meldrum                                         Colostomy
  • Jaxon                             London                                                   Feeding tube
  • Enya                               Askham in Furness                               Gastomomy
  • Maxim                           Cardiff                                                     ileostomy
  • Violet                             Hull                                                         Feeding Tube