Eva Ebbrell

Eva2 year old Eva Ebbrell from Merseyside has a syndrome without a name (SWAN)

Eva has an undiagnosed genetic disorder, but her main problem is Microcephally (underdeveloped brain)

This has caused her global development delays and additional needs.

The Microcephaly has caused dysphagia

Eva is Peg fed.

Eva also has the Following

  • Hypertonia in her body so she is too floppy and can’t control her limbs, which is why she can’t sit, stand or walk.
  • Partially sighted, loss of hearing.
  • None verbal, not likely to ever talk properly.
  • Underdeveloped slender bones and skeletal abnormalities, which makes it difficult to use her hands and feet.
  • Scoliosis in her spine, she is unable to straighten her back properly.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Shortened life expectancy.
  • Severe learning difficulties.



Deborah Beck shaved off her hair to raise money for EVA with the support of Life For A Kid

And Raised a Whooping £3602.25