Blisse story

blisse1Blisse is a 6 year old little girl from South Wales.

She was born with a combination of rare brain disorder’s Periventricular Nodular Hetertopia and Polymicrogyria.

This has caused her to have Epilepsy, Movement disorders and Global developmental delay’s which  means she’s unable to walk or talk. This can affect her quality of life.

Blisse started using the ‘Eye Gaze’ in school.

Using Eye Gaze technology can give children with the needs Blisse has , the ability to develop understanding of cause and effect and to begin to make choices.

It will allow her to ‘play’ something her combined needs restrict.

Having access to the Eye Gaze at home will allow Blisse greater opportunities to develop these skills when she is most relaxed and comfortable.

Vision is Blisse’s only access to control her world and  we need to provide her with every opportunity to learn with her eyes and help her understand the control she can have.

Life For A kid made a Donation towards the final figure needed for the Eye Gaze after some great fundraising from the

Family and Friends got them close to the Target

The Eye Gaze has now been delivered and in Operation