Annie Parker

Annie Parker

Annie Parker’s Parents where told Annie would have to be fitted with a specially adapted Helmet to reshape her head but the NHS would not fund the Helmet.

The graph shows Annie’s head in the X in the red section and a Normal child’s head is in the Green Section, that’s where Annie needs be with the help of the Helmet.


Annie was 7 Months old and the Helmet cost £2,000 and had to be purchased within a couple of weeks to have full affect.

With the support of Life For A Kid, Annie’s Mum who was already fund raising via Life For A Kid for Savannah West set about raising the money quick for the Helmet.

Within just two weeks the Community of Friends and Family in Hull raised over £5,000 and the Helmet was ordered.

Annie saw an improvement in just a couple of Days as the picture shows below.


Annie Parker will have to wear the helmet for 5 months, 23 hours a day.

The funds that were raised in access to the Helmet will be donated to another child who requires the Helmet and also the Savannah West appeal.

AnnieParker_1 AnnieParker