Alexander Lister

alexander listerKirsty Lester has a little boy Called Alexander with NKH.

NKH (Nonketotic Hyperglycinemia), a rare and still incurable metabolic disorder.

Kirsty is a young mum who has shown such bravery looking after Alexander and who has real complex health needs and is life limited.

Kirsty gets no respite at the moment because there are no spaces available even though she is entitled to it and has a space allocated, she spends nights with no sleep and looks over her boy deciding whether he needs rescue Meds for him overnight.

Alexander suffers from urinary tract infections so Kirsty catheters him and he suffers from constant seizures so she gives meds too.

Kirsty plans carefully to make the resources she has last and she rarely complains.

Kristy’s partner works all hours but they hardly have any money spare Alexander needs a p pod and they can’t afford one she has no time to sort funding out for one and the people that are supposed to be helping don’t.

Alexander is life limited and he can’t afford to wait he’s also blind could you help.

After a Friend of Kristy’s talked to Life For A Kid regarding a P-Pod solution to make Alexander more comfortable the charity decided to step in and purchase the P-Pod