Alex Hickey

Alex HickleyThe Great Britain All Stars linked with Halton Farnworth Masters for a weekend of Rugby League Fundraising to raise money for 3 year olds Alex Hickey and Katie Elen Jones.

The first event was a dinner with guest speaker Former Wigan and Great Britain Rugby League Legend Andy Gregory. It turned out to be a great night with Andy telling some stories from his successful career and answering questions from the guests.

The next day the Great Britain All Stars took on HFH Masters rugby team on for the “Alex Hickey Cup” a great game ending 8-8. Some of the Ex Rugby stars who turned out on the day included Paul Newlove, Chris Smith, Mark Forster, Ikram Butt, Esene Faimalo, Mick Potter and the game was refereed by Colin Morris.

After the Game, £2,000 was presented to Alex Hickey towards his operation in America and £1,000 donated to Katie Elen Jones.

Alex Hickey and Katie Elen Jones where both presented with special HFH Masters shirts before the game, and with the game been a draw Alex took home the ” Alex Hickey Cup” with his HFH Masters shirt and a Signed GB All Stars Ball.

The GB All Stars look to raise money for a different child at each game and on this occasion with the Help of HFH Masters had the opportunity to help two children.

As well as raising funds and awareness for children who need financial assistance to lead a better life via Life For a Kid, the GB All Stars also invite down the family of the child that the team are helping on the day of the game. Its also about giving the family a great day out and making them part of the team.  The day after the Game Alex Hickey would not put down is GB All Stars Rugby Ball.