Alana’s Bubbles Appeal

Alana's BubblesAfter hearing the story below from Alanna’s Mum Lisa, Life For A Kid made a donation of £600 to fund the Sensory Bath and Spa System for Alanna.

Alanna’s story By Lisa Brown –  November 2013

“Alanna was born at 24 weeks weighing 1lb 11ozs. The night after she was born she had a massive brain haemorrhage, and spent nearly 5 months in SCBU.

“She is now nearly 8 1/2 years old and so far she has had double laser eye treatment, heart surgery, major hip surgery, had a plate in her femur removed.

“It doesn’t end there Alana had a lumber puncture, 8 blood transfusions, a gastrostomy fitted after being on a NG feeding tube.

“Alanna is currently on the spinal surgery list to have her spine fused together as her spine has currently got a curvature of 96% so that will go ahead early 2014.

“Alanna is also very short sighted and her hearing is down on her left hand side.

Despite everything Alanna has been through she never fails to smile and lights up everyone’s life who she comes into contact with and I am the proudest mummy in the world who is totally humbled by all she has been though and continues to face.

“I have been told due to her complex medical needs which include cerebral palsy, epilepsy, and scoliosis of the spine her life expectancy is shorted and at best she will live until she into her 30’s so we just take each day as it comes and enjoy it.

“I am having an extension built in the beginning of Jan 2014 where we are having a RIO rise and fall bath with a spa system and sensory lights and that’s why we are fundraising. We have already raised £927.90 and so we need to raise a further £570.10 to reach our target. If we manage to raise above our target we shall put it towards getting Alanna’s bedroom decorated and more sensory equipment.”