Adams Wheels

Adams Wheels8 year old Adam lives in Bracknell.

Like all 8 year olds, Adam likes to ride his bike, play with his friends and play computer games.

Adam suffers from hypermobility syndrome, hypotonia and sensory perception disorder (SPD).  This means he cannot keep up with his peers and suffers severe fatigue, pain and can’t process movement, sounds and things around him in the same way as others.

Due to the pain and fatigue, Adam relies on a wheelchair during these episodes which can occur several times a week.

The wheelchair he has been issued with by the NHS is too heavy for Adam to propel by himself and pretty basic which means he cannot go off by himself in the playground, or look at toys in the toyshop without asking for assistance.

Therefore, we are trying to raise £2,100 to give Adam some much needed independence,

so he can independently play with his friends.  The NHS state he does not fit their criteria and they will not provide a lighter, more manoeuvrable wheelchair themselves.

Life For A Kid stepped in on 03/12/13 to fund the wheelchair!!!!

Adams Mum Sarah commented “That Life For A Kid will change Adam’s Life”