Team Connor Lynes

Connor Lynes was 14 when he was seriously injured in a Rugby League Match on March 22 2015

Connor suffered a basilar artery thrombosis caused by a carotid artery dissection in his neck which Caused two strokes.

Connor has damage to his cerebellum and his brain stem has a moderate narrowing and he has a clot still on his basilar artery in his brain.

He has been left with moderate learning difficulties, motor and vocal tics, epilepsy and delay development.

Connor has behaviour difficulties and short term memory loss he is very high risk of further stroke due to the narrowing of his brain stem and the clot.

Also, due to the narrowing he suffers dizziness, sickness and neuro fatigue and headaches and confusion as well as numbness and weakness on a daily basis.

Connor Lynes has not let the injury stand in his way and has thrown himself into charity work supported by Life For A Kid, raising lots of money for

  • Life For A Kid
  • Leeds P.I.C.U Hospital
  • Paul For Brain
  • RFL Benevolent fund
  • Jack Christmas fund

Connor has also already won the following awards

Viking FM child of courage 2015.

Hull daily mail child of courage 2015.

Hull daily mail sporting inspiration 2015.

Rotary club of hull young person’s award 2015.

Disability sports Humber community engagement award 2015/16.

Rotary of Great Britain and Ireland young citizen 2016.

Yorkshire child of courage award for outstanding bravery 2016.

Hull daily mail inspirational youngster 2016.

Yorkshire young achievers awards unsung hero 2016.

The stroke association national children and young people’s courage award 2016.


Team Connor Lynes is Supported by Registered Charity Life For A Kid Foundation.

In 2017 Team Connor Lynes will support the following

  • Life For A Kid
  • RFL Benevolent fund
  • Jack Christmas fund


To fundraise for Team Connor Lynes or if you would like to display the Team Connor Lynes logo to support Brain Injury in Sport please contact

Dean Hoggard

07891 506258