Sponsor a plaque

Life For a Kid Sensory rooms in Hull are open free of charge for S.E.N Children in Hull and the surrounding areas.
Featuring 3 rooms and a sensory garden, Including Soft play area, Dark sensory Room, Musical Ball pool, mirrors and a tactile touch and feel wall.

The sensory rooms benefits:

  • Supports the development of communication
  • Enhances sensory skills, hand-eye co-ordination and cause and effect response
  • Assists the development of social and emotional skills
  • Reduces tension and increase relaxation
  • Provides fun and enjoyment
  • Improves levels of concentration, alertness, calmness & general awareness

Parents feedback

“Jack loves the Life For A Kid sensory rooms, it is like a safe haven for him. Jack is very sensory so the lights and noises are just what he needs.

“Jack doesn’t like noisy or crowded places without LFAK sensory room Jack wouldn’t have anywhere to play and just be himself.

“We have booked Jacks birthday party there again as it is jut all round an ideal place for our special little people to play.”Jack Christmas Mum……..Dawn Christmas

“Life for a kid is a cheery colourful and safe environment for children with special needs. The staff (Barry) is welcoming to children and parents.

“The sensory room and soft play area gives children roam to explore.

“Daniel has blossomed whilst attending and is very comfortable to play in both areas at his own pace and really enjoys his time there.

“It allows Daniel to develop & express himself he is always happy to arrive but takes some persuading to leave. This is always a nice relaxing time for me to watch him without worrying.”Daniel Teal Mum……………Naomi Teal

“Life for a kid provide sensory rooms which we like to access for our son Harry they are clean safe and secure and provide areas which cater for his needs. The staff are welcoming and always ready with a bottle of water which Harry uses to help him transition to this area.

“Harry has severe epilepsy autism and learning difficulties this is a resource that Hull benefits from immensely and provides us with an area we can take a growing boy who needs adapted surroundings to achieve.

“Harry goes with his carer once a week to give family respite and the confidence to relax during that time as the sensory rooms cater for all his needs”Harry Taylor Mum…………Fiona Taylor

Sponsor a Plaque

To help Life For A Kid keep the Sensory Centre FREE, we are looking for supporters to Sponsor a Plaque inside the Sensory rooms for just £2 a month

The Target is 2000 Plaques to allow the centre to continue our great work

To sign up or for more information please contact Dean Hoggard 07891 506258 dean@lifeforakid.com